We all want to stay healthy when on the road. Here are 10 RD-approved healthy travel snacks to pack with you on your next trip!

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Traveling to new places is one of the greatest things in life, don’t you agree? I love going somewhere I’ve never been, and I am so grateful that I am able travel.

While most of my travel is for fun, lots of people travel for work on a regular basis. My dad has always traveled a ton for business, and now a bunch of my friends are frequently on the go.

As an RD, one of the most common questions my friends ask me is how to be healthier when traveling for work. They love living a healthy, active lifestyle at home, but find this lifestyle doesn’t transition well to life on the road.

Eating Healthy on the Road

My tips for eating healthy while traveling don’t differ much from healthy living at home. Choose meals that are mostly vegetables and lean protein. Go for whole grain carbohydrates rather than processed ones. Avoid excess added sugars, saturated fat, and sodium. But one of my favorite ways to ensure you stick to your wellness goals on the road begins before you leave your home. Be prepared with healthy travel snacks!

Packing healthy travel snacks is a key piece of the healthy traveling puzzle. For one, having a healthy snack in your bag eliminates the need to buy snacks on the road. These options are often limited in selection and low in nutrients. Well-planned travel snacks actually fill you up, because they are full of all the good stuff that makes us feel satiated. Plus, you’ll save money by avoiding those $7 bags of trail mix at the airport snack stand.

10 Healthy Travel Snacks

Healthy travel snacks should have some combination of fiber, protein, and healthy fats to keep us full. We want to avoid excess added sugar, sodium, and saturated fat, as well as highly processed foods. Stock up on some of these delicious snacks to prepare for you next trip! I love these options because they easy to transport, don’t require refrigeration, and are full of good-for-you ingredients.

1. Fresh whole fruit

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Choose firm, whole fruit that does not bruise easily. I love bananas, apples, oranges, and clementines. Fruit is great on its own or paired with nut butter for a more filling snack.

2. PB+J sandwich on whole grain bread

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Mom knew best – a PB+J sandwich is an awesome healthy travel option! You’ll get some filling fiber from whole grain bread plus healthy fats and protein from the peanut butter. Choose lower sugar jam, or make your own chia jam!

3. Nuts

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Nuts are easy to carry, and a handful helps tide you over until you can eat your next meal. Look for unsalted or lightly salted nuts or trail mix to avoid excess sodium intake. We all know the swelling is real when we are in the air!

4. Popcorn or popcorn trail mix

Popcorn trail mix healthy travel snacks - Daisybeet

This is one of my favorite snacks for home or travel! Popcorn is a whole grain, crunchy, satisfying, voluminous snack. Popcorn has fiber and air, both of which keep us full. Air-popped popcorn or a lightly seasoned version is best. I also love to add nuts and seeds for healthy fats and protein when preparing my popcorn.

5. Nut butter packets

Nut butter packs - healthy travel snacks - Daisybeet

Nut butter packets are one of my favorite food innovations. I always bring a few with me on a trip to eat with fresh fruit, spread on some whole grain crackers, or added to hotel oatmeal for breakfast.

6. Whole grain or high fiber crackers

GG High fiber crackers - healthy travel snacks - Daisybeet

Whole grain crackers are another crunchy snack to keep on hand when you are traveling. Make it a filling snack by pairing a few with a nut butter packet or hummus. If you have trouble staying regular while traveling, I love these high fiber crackers! Each cracker has 4 grams of fiber.

7. High fiber cereal

High fiber cereal - healthy travel snacks - Daisybeet

While we’re on the topic of staying regular, high fiber cereal is another healthy travel snack idea if this is of concern for you. Munch on it dry, or add it to yogurt you purchase on the road or in the airport.

8. Oatmeal packets or cups

Oatmeal packets - Daisybeet

Another portable snack, plain oatmeal has both soluble and insoluble fiber, thiamin, iron, and zinc. Just add hot water to a packet or cup prepare! To make it a meal, add a handful of nuts and sliced banana.

9. Chickpea snacks

Chickpea snacks - Daisybeet

If you love potato chips, chickpea snacks are a satisfying, healthier alternative. Each serving of chickpea snacks has about 6 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein. They are salty, crunchy, and super delicious!

10. Bars

Bars - Daisybeet

Bars are always an easy travel snack option! Just make sure to choose bars with minimal added sugar and a decent amount of protein. When reading the ingredient list, look for whole ingredients you recognize, like nuts, seeds, or dried fruit. I look for bars with no limited to zero added sugar, 2-3 grams of fiber, and 4-5 grams of protein per serving. Some of my favorites are RX Bar, Larabar, and KIND bars.

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