Sustainability is on everyone’s mind right now, and there are so many new, exciting products that make living a sustainable lifestyle easier. The gifts on this list are ideal for your friend who is passionate about protecting the environment. Or, maybe you gift someone an eco-friendly present who might not know so much about the sustainable lifestyle. A bunch of these gifts would be perfect stocking stuffers, too!

Holiday Gift Guide 2019 - For your Eco-Friendly Friend - Daisybeet

Best gifts for your eco-friendly friend

  1. Stasher bags: You guys know I love Stasher bags. They are reusable storage bags made from food grade silicone. We have a stash of six or seven Stashers that we use instead of plastic baggies. They’re perfect for cut produce, crunchy snacks, even make-up and travel items!
  2. Beeswax wraps: These food wraps are another good alternative to plastic food storage. We use these to wrap items instead of using plastic wrap.
  3. Carbon Offset: Carbon offsets are a unique way to counteract personal carbon emissions. When you purchase a carbon offset, you contribute to causes that support growth of renewable energy and projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Reformation offers different carbon offset options, but there are several other companies you can purchase through! Your eco-friendly friend will really appreciate you purchasing a carbon offset in their name.
  4. Girlfriend Collective activewear: This activewear line is cute, comfortable (hello, high waisted leggings), and sustainably sourced and made. The fabrics are made from recycled water bottles, and they are produced in factories that protect the health and livelihood of the workers. I have both the compressive and LITE leggings, plus the Paloma bra.
  5. Reusable travel utensils: These bamboo utensils come all wrapped up together in a travel pouch. It even includes chopsticks!
  6. Cute reusable shopping bags: Update your friend’s reusable shopper collection with some pretty patterned options. BAGGU makes many sized bags in different colors and patterns. They’re not just for shopping – take them with you to the beach, as a lunch tote, or to organize home storage.
  7. Wool dryer balls: These wool dryer balls are a great alternative to dryer sheets. They soften and de-wrinkle clothing without single use materials and questionable chemicals.
  8. Shampoo and conditioner bars: No plastic packaging here for these shampoo and conditioner bars. They hardly take any time to get used to, and they still clean and condition your hair wonderfully.
  9. Everlane Renew sweatshirt: Everlane is totally leading the way with sustainable clothing options. This super warm and cozy sweatshirt is made from recycled polyester, and comes in lots of cute colors.
  10. Cotton or linen napkins: Because cloth napkins will make any meal feel fancier, without any waste! I love this simple grey striped set.
  11. Reusable produce bags: These are another staple in our house. I bring several with me to the grocery store to hold loose produce, herbs, and bulk items. They’re also good for organizing things when traveling.
  12. The Sill gift card: Plants might be the OG sustainable gift. The Sill has a beautiful selection of houseplants! Pick one out for your friend, or let them choose their own with a gift card.

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Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which help keep Daisybeet running. I truly love all the brands I link to, and use them frequently in my daily life!