These gifts are perfect for that special guy in your life. Whether it’s your boyfriend, fiancé, brother, or dad, he will love whatever you pick out for him.

Holiday Gift Guide 2019 - For the Man in Your Life - Daisybeet

Best gifts for the man in your life

  1. A nice watch: Watches are like bags, shoes, (or leggings) for lots of women. If your guy loves watches, he can never have enough. Fossil makes good quality, sleek watches that won’t cost an arm and a leg. This silver and black watch could easily be dressed up or down.
  2. L.L. Bean wicked good slippers: These slippers are. the. best. They’re incredibly soft and warm. Also, they have a rubber sole, so you can walk around outside with them. You know, to get the mail or grab your food delivery order. These slippers will last years!
  3. Bully Boy old fashioned: I still haven’t come around to enjoying an Old Fashioned, but it is Ben’s go-to drink order. This premixed old fashioned is actually quite good. Plus, it’s distilled locally here in Boston.
  4. Whiskey stones: Because he’ll need something to keep that Old Fashioned nice and cold! These beautiful granite whiskey stones chill quickly and don’t dilute the drink with water like ice does when it melts.
  5. Kindle: For the guy who loves reading and technology. Kindles are perfect for travel or commuting because they are so sleek and light. Bonus gift: pre-download a few of your favorite books for him to read.
  6. Vinyl records: For the guy who loves his record player, vinyls are like the aforementioned watches – he can never have too many.
  7. Packing cubes for outdoor adventures: These packing cubes by Pika Products are a game changer. They’re made of materials sturdy enough for outdoor adventures like hiking, camping, and rock climbing. They’re compressible, and the two larger sizes convert to a daypack with the addition of straps. They’re also extremely helpful for regular, non-outdoorsy travel. Ben and I love ours! Plus, you’ll be supporting a small, female owned business, and one of the owners happens to be my younger sister 🙂
  8. Apple AirPods: If your guy needs a hands-free solution to listening to music on the go, these are the best. Ben and I both have these, and they always stay put while walking, running, or working out.
  9. Bombas socks: The best socks out there. Bombas makes all different sock styles. Additionally, Bombas donates one piece of clothing for each piece you purchase.
  10. Massage gun: I can’t recommend this enough if your guy frequently works out! As we build muscle and get stronger, our muscles inevitably get tight and sore. This massage gun is an amazing recovery tool. It gets into muscles you can’t target effectively with foam rolling, and it will burn so good.
  11. Lululemon commission pants: Several guys I know love these pants! They’re supposed to be super comfortable, sleek, and easy to dress up or down.

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