Hi! I’m glad you’re here. I’m Alex, a Registered Dietitian. I teach millennial women how to eat healthy without dieting and form healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Do any of these statements sound like you?

  • I love my sweetgreen kale caesar salad, but also love a glass of wine and chocolate chip cookies.
  • I’m overwhelmed about what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat. Every influencer has a different method, and I don’t know what actually works.
  • I prioritize work, socializing, and family time, but I also want to eat healthy for a lifetime.
  • I buy lots of fresh produce with great intentions, but it ends up going bad before I make a plan to use it.
  • I’ve dabbled in keto, paleo, and Whole 30, but stopped because it wasn’t sustainable with my lifestyle.
  • I’d be happy if I lost a few pounds, but I don’t want to count calories or macros
  • “Get these chips away from me” is my motto when it comes to snacktime

Do you want to learn how to do all this, and more?

  • How to cook healthy meals for yourself and your family
  • Information about nutrition science – macronutrients, fiber, and protein needs
  • How to cut down on cooking time to spend more time with loved ones
  • How to manage your weight without dieting, counting calories or macros
  • How to prepare a balanced meal and snacks
  • How to eliminate food cravings, how to recognize a craving, and how to honor cravings
  • How to stock your pantry and kitchen to set you up for healthy eating success 
  • Easy and filling breakfast ideas

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

I will help you eat healthy without dieting ever again, while forming healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

You don’t need to count calories or macros. You don’t need to give up all your favorite foods – including wine! You don’t need to buy expensive superfoods and powders.

After working with me, you’ll know how to effortlessly eat healthy, without giving up your time or social life. You’ll learn basic nutrition education, how to build balanced meals, how to respond to cravings, and more!

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How it works

  • Initial consultation
    • Our first appointment will be 45 minutes – 1 hour long. We’ll get to know each other as you tell me all your nutrition concerns and questions. Each person’s nutritional needs are highly individualized and based on many factors. You’ll tell me your story, and we will work together to create actionable steps to meet your goals that fit within your lifestyle.
  • Follow up sessions
    • Each follow up will be 30 – 45 minutes long. We’ll discuss your progress, reassess your goals, and adjust things as necessary. I recommend scheduling follow up sessions every 2-3 weeks.

Ready to get started?

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Looking for help with something else? 

Nutrition is highly individualized, so please reach out to me with a note on your concerns! I’ll let you know if we would be a good fit to work together, and am happy to refer you to another dietitian with different specialties.