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Well Balanced Meal

As a Registered Dietitian, you can consider me a pro at building a well balanced meal! Eating well balanced meals slows down the digestion process, which regulates stable blood sugar levels, making you feel full and satisfied. But what exactly does a “well balanced meal” look like?

Well balanced meals provide adequate amounts of the three macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein, and fat, and in turn ensure we are getting adequate nutrients.

I often teach “The Plate Method” to clients to help guide well balanced meal planning. This simple formula makes it easy to build nutritious meals:

  • Half your plate filled with non-starchy vegetables
  • One quarter of your plate filled with protein
  • One quarter of your plate filled with starchy carbohydrates
  • One or two servings of healthy fats

Some of my favorite well balanced meals include this roasted eggplant sweet potato curry, peanut tofu bowls, vegan burrito bowls, and summer vegetable shakshuka.